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Teach your children to type. Learn how key time for kids works in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Linda Lewis on behalf of Expert Village.com. Check out my website at www.keytime.com. How do children learn to keyboard? Since they are able to learn things very quickly when they are young, it is important to have children start even when they are 3 or 4 years old as soon as they are introduced to technology. Just like learning ballet lessons that they don’t become proficient ballet dancers when they are 4 and 5 years old that it is important to introduce the principals to them so that they understand. Children learn with songs and games. We have a product that is three parts and they learn their finger names first and then they practice. Repetition is very important with children. So from the video, they learn by showing what the fingers are and it shows what the perch position is. One of the games that they have is practicing picking up a pencil and if you notice when they pick up a pencil, their hand is in the position that it should be on the keyboard. Most children tend to go and start using a finger or their hand being very flat so this will help them with learning to keep their hand in this perch position. The second part is important to teach the children dexterity and how to move their fingers in isolation. So they are able to take a template that has a way of putting their fingers are the fuzzy dots and then they are able to move their fingers up and down with a song and they have games to work with too. The love repetition and learn with the songs that they sing night and day all the time that there is so much fun in learning that. When they have mastered moving their fingers independently then they go to the third part and this is either done with the DVD or video and with the DVD you can even do this in the car with them and their finger tap dancing mastered, they are able to go to the third part which is then going with the fingers on the template with the fuzzy dots to the songs that they have for learning. They pick it up very quickly and it is so much fun and they feel so confident and do so well with it.


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