Flea Control Tips for Rodents

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Tips on about flea and tick problems and what to do about them in this free online video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Control Ticks & Fleas
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Video Transcript

I wanted to go over some of the frequently asked questions on my website that asked about fleas and ticks and by the way you can go to the website at www.petpointers.com. So here are some of the questions we had come in. Do other animals get fleas and ticks and if so, how do you treat them? Many other mammals are ones that are susceptible to both ticks and fleas. A lot of our wildlife population carries these as well. Some of our domestic or exotic species can get them. We call them pocket pets, some of the rodents, rats, mice and things like that can also get fleas and some of these products even though we call it extra label are okay to use with those animals but you have to use them in reduced quantities and you have to work with your veterinarian in order to do that. Again, ticks and fleas can attack all the wildlife mammals as well as any of our domestic mammals or some of the exotic mammals that we have. Often times people come to me and ask a question about my dog doesn’t have any fleas but he is still itching and is that due to fleas or not? If an animal, dog or cat is allergic to the bite of a flea, one flea bite can make them itch over their whole body up to 7 days not just where they were bitten. So it is very very important to understand if you have a dog that is allergic to the bite of a flea, they can itch even if you don’t see any fleas. On the other hand, a lot of dogs can itch because of other reasons. There are other parasites that we have and also a lot of pollen in the air and other allergies to food and other things like that so it is very important to work with your veterinarian if your animal is itching. The other question we often get through the internet sight is questions about safety of these products. I do recommend these products strongly and I have not seen any ill effects in the 5 or 10 years that these products have been out and again, it is really good to work with your veterinarian in the event that there is something you suspect that is causing a problem with your dog after you put this on your cat, you can work with your veterinarian and find out if it is caused by the product or not. Again, some of the over the counter products that we have are not advantageous, that means they don’t work as well and also can cause some problems for your pet. The other thing about it is if you can get these from your veterinarian is a question that is often asked. I do recommend that you have a working relationship with your veterinarian. Some of these products we mentioned on this tape is you can get over the internet but again some of these products are actually fake products that come from over seas and the companies do not guarantee them if you haven’t bought them through a veterinarian. So if your dog does get sick and then you find out it did not come from a veterinarian, the company may not be able to help you. The other thing that often is asked is how seasonal are ticks and this is kind of an interesting problem because both fleas and ticks are seasonal but they are different throughout the country. In other words in Florida, you can have fleas year round and in southern California can have fleas year round but in the north area in Connecticut and areas like that they may be just seasonal. Ticks are the same way. Some times the wet season in Southern California create ticks so we have more of a winter time problem but the moist area in the northeast is when you see ticks.


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