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Tips on effective flea control products that kill fleas and ticks in this free online video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Control Ticks & Fleas
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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg McDonald. We are talking about flea control in your pets today and I wanted to go a little bit into some of the topicals. First what I want to talk about is a product called Frontline. Frontline is a unique product that you can use both on your dogs and cats. It does control fleas but it also will take care of ticks on both your dogs and cats. This is a topical product. As you put it on your dog’s skin and as a real important aspect of this you can’t put into the fur. The fur has to be parted and you have to put that onto the skin. When it gets onto the skin, in the next 24 hours it actually stays in the layer of your dog’s skin, covers the whole animal and it does not get inside the body. It is a very safe product for your dog and your cat. This also will kill the fleas even before they bite your dog or cat so that way you don’t have eggs in your environment because a flea must have a blood meal in order to lay eggs in the environment. So when a flea jumps on your dog and looks around for something to bite on, it is going to run into this product and die before it even bites the dog. So this is an excellent product and it is very safe. Again, you put it on once a month and you are protecting both your dog and your cat. This is a product we are going to talk about today is flea control for your dog or cat. Advantage is a product that is and extremely good product to use on your dog or cat. You actually have to spread the fur away and put this directly onto the dog or cat’s skin and then the next 24 hours it will cover your dog or cat completely. Any fleas that are on your dog or cat when you apply this will be dead within 24 hours and any flea that jumps on your dog or cat will die for the next 30 days so it is a once a month application. Again, it is a liquid that you apply to the top of your dog or cat. It gets into the lipid layer of your animal in the skin and that covers the whole body in 24 hours. If a flea just jumps on your dog or cat’s toe after you put this on, it will die before it bites your dog or cat. This is an excellent product because it really does control the flea population and if your dog or cat travels around a little bit it is bringing its own flea control with it every place it goes. It is very safe for your dog or cat again because it stays in the lipid layer of the skin and does not get internally and it also is a product that has been specifically tested so that it would not cause any problems with mammals. It only works on fleas and insects.


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