How to Kill Fleas & Ticks on your Pets & in your House: Flea Control Tips

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Tips on how to kill fleas and ticks on your pets and in your house in this free online video series.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg McDonald. We are going to talk a little bit about flea control today. Today I wanted to talk about how you should work on your environment to help control fleas and ticks. Even though we see the problem on the animal, often times our environment becomes part of the problem especially in flea control because with fleas we actually see the eggs dropping off into your rug and that is where actually a lot of the reproductive cycle occurs. Even though it is more important to be sure that your dog does not get a case of fleas, it is equally as important to control the environment once you do get fleas. So, I want to talk about a couple of products obviously just really good cleaning helps if you vacuum frequently during the flea season that will help and you throw the bag away after you have done your vacuuming and then also there is a couple of products that you can put down into your carpet and spray in the area. If you have a really bad infestation, let’s say you just moved into a home that had pets and you want to bring your pet in and the fleas are actually jumping on you, you want to kill all the adults and they have room sprays for that where you can set a spray off; they call if bombing for fleas. You can set that off and it goes off in the house while you are gone and it will kill all the adult fleas. Most of those products don’t kill the eggs so you still have to address that as a secondary problem but at least you keep those adult fleas from jumping on your pet. The main thing that people make a mistake with is not getting adequate amounts to those flea bombs for the size of your house. Make sure that you do that calculation carefully. Another product is called Flea Busters. I really like Flea Busters. I believe that you can buy this in and apply it yourself or call a company. If you go on the internet you can probably find Flea Busters there. Flea Busters is an end to earth product. It is almost like putting really very fine boric acid down into your rug and it is desiccant. It dries the area so badly that the fleas can’t hatch out and as soon as they hatch they die and so this is a great way to control infestation in your house. One other product that I will mention quickly is Frontline. It is a spray and you can actually spray this on your pet or on your rugs or bedding and that would be good to kill any adult fleas and help to have new fleas to keep from hatching out. So we have to remember when we are controlling fleas that environment can be part of the problem. If you are very diligent in your flea control you don’t get fleas on your pet to begin with, you don’t have to do very much for your house. If you forget or your dog or cat winds up having an infestation, it will get into the house and you will have to think about these products.


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