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Tips on what you'll need to care for a puppy, from leashes and collars to grooming supplies and toys in this free online video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Train Puppies
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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Village.com and in this video series we are talking about puppy care. If you would like to find out more about my services, you can visit my website at www.canineheadstart.com. So we are going to talk about puppy equipment, what you need for your puppy equipment. We have talked about crates, we have got a crate here and what I do is I actually put a cover here on top of the crate, so I can keep basic things that I am going to need for the puppy, right on hand. One of things you are going to need is for grooming care, you are going to have your ear cleaner and your cotton balls, you are going to have your nail clippers and you are going to have your brush, You also need toys, so I have got a couple of toys right up here that I have on hand to play with the puppy; I have got a chew toy that I have got on hand to play with the puppy, I have got training treats and I have got a training treat pouch and I have got a clicker, so I can use these to train the puppy. I’ve got a leash; this is a training leash that I can use when I am working with the puppy. It is a leash and collar system in one so I can keep that right up here on top of the crate and it is always on hand and also very important here is a clean up solution and paper towels. These are the things that you are going to want to keep on hand, this is for when your dog soils the floor or any item of furniture, this is a spray, I keep it in a spray bottle and it actually will deodorize, it takes the odor right out of a rug for example if the dog goes pee on the rug, and you have a roll of paper towels on hands so that you can absorb the urine and the cleaning solution, so I usually keep these things right here on top of the crate. I know exactly where they are and this is your basic puppy equipment.


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