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Tips on about some games to play with your puppy in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer.

Part of the Video Series: How to Train Puppies
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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Village.com and in this video series we are talking about puppy care. If you would like to find out more about my services, you can visit my website at canineheadstart.com. So in this video clip we are going to be talking about games that you can play with your puppy. Puppies need to be entertained. If you do not entertain them, they are going to wander around the house and find out ways of entertaining themselves. So we are just going to talk about a couple of little games that you can play with your puppy here, so I am going to play the touch game with her. I am going to put my hand out to her, touch and when she touches my hand, yes, good girl, I am going to give her a treat, so we will try this again, touch yes, good girl. You can move your hand around, so you can check and see if the dog really knows what they are doing, ready, touch, yes, good girl, Raven touch, yes good girl. Another game you can play with her is the attention game, the watch me game, so I can take a little treat bring it up to my eyes and say watch me. Yes. When the puppy is looking at you, you reward them and give them a treat. Another game you can play is the beginning of teaching them how to play dead. You take your finger and you just kind of move it towards their body and they rollover, yes and they rollover you give him a treat, touch, yes, good girl, touch, yes, good girl, yes, good girl. I am not pushing her over with my hand, I am just pointing to her side and she is rolling right over. Let’s see if can get her to play a foot game with me; yes good girl. That is how you begin to start teaching them the slap me five or high five, so let us see if I can get her to give me another foot. Yes good girl, so if she hits me with her foot, I am going to mark it and reward her. I am not going to play go for that; see if I can get her to do it here. Okay, touch, yes good girl. A lot of times all about capturing behaviors; now if she had just spontaneously hit me with the foot, yes like she does there, good girl, I can mark this and see if can get her to do it again. Yes getting a bit confused here, because she is doing the touch game, good girl. I will see if I can get a rollover again, yes good girl, good job, so you can see this lots of different little games that you can play with your puppy keep herself, yes, good girl and you amused during the time you are spending with your baby.


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