How to Parallel Park


Learning how to parallel park can be a tough task at first, in fact some people never bother to learn the proper technique and always struggle to park in between two cars. Living in a big city where parking is scarce, parallel parking skills are a must. Practice with no obstacles first, then with plenty of space between vehicles. Take it slowly and you'll develop the skill and confidence to parallel park.



Things You'll Need

  • Car Mirrors
  • Cars
    • 1

      Use your turn signal to indicate the direction of the parking spot.

    • 2

      If the space is not yet vacant but the car in it is about to leave, wait behind the spot.

    • 3

      When the space is vacant, pull ahead of it until you have pulled up beside the car parked in front of the space. Your rear bumper should be even with that car's rear bumper with about 2 feet of road between you.

    • 4

      Put the car in reverse. Begin to back up slowly; as soon as the car starts moving, turn the wheel as far as it will go toward the curb.

    • 5

      Back slowly into the space.

    • 6

      When the back of your car's front door is even with the rear bumper of the car beside you, begin turning the wheel away from the curb.

    • 7

      Continue turning the wheel away from the curb and backing slowly into the space.

    • 8

      Straighten out the wheel, then pull forward or back in the space as needed to center yourself between the cars in front of and behind you. Your car should be 6 to 8 inches from the curb when you are parked.

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