How to Cut or Trim Your Own Bangs


Wispy, jagged or straight bangs are great for providing shape to your face. They're also the perfect disguise for a high or narrow forehead. It's a good idea to have your bangs professionally cut and then opt for self-maintenance with the following tips. This way, you won't need to determine the best shape, balance and length yourself. Check out the steps below to learn how to cut your own hair.

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Things You'll Need

  • Professional Hair Cutting Shears (do not use regular scissors)
  • Comb
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      Get the right tools. Professional hair dressing shears and a comb are a must. It's important not use craft scissors or nail clippers because they won't give you the desired result. Invest in a good pair of shears to help get you a professionally looking bang trim.

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      Make sure your hair is styled as you normally would wear it. If your hair grows a certain direction keep it that way. Changing the direction of a sweeping bang right before you cut it may give you unexpected results. This way you can really see what you're doing and not cutting something that doesn't belong. Remember, never cut your bangs wet! The water weighs it down and you'll end up cutting too much.

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      Gather your bangs, separating the front pieces you want to trim from the back. Make sure you're not grabbing any unnecessary pieces. Consider the thickness and length of the bangs you desire before you make the first cut. Then comb your hair smooth and make sure the rest of your hair is out of the way to avoid making accidental cuts.

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      Using your index and middle fingers, pull your bangs gently and hold at a slight distance from your face (make sure you can see them with your eyes!). Take your shears and begin to trim in upward snips. Keep your hands steady and remember that you only need to cut a small amount.

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