How to Get Dogs to Stop Barking With Sounds

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Excessive barking in dogs can be a big problem for your neighbors, your household and your daily life. Get dogs to stop barking with sounds with help from founder and CEO of 911 VETS in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Steve Weinberg your 911 Vet. And today we're here to talk about how to get dogs to stop barking using sounds. Excessive barking in dogs can be a big problem for your neighbors, your household and your daily life. So it's good to figure out a way to try to minimize this problem utilizing certain strategies. Barking is a normal form of communication in dogs. Excessive barking can signal a problem for the dog and yourself. In fact you may even be prosecuted by the authorities if there's too much barking going on. The causes of barking are many. And the most common causes are attention getting, from fear, from hurting behavior. Or even a mental problem like dementia. So it's important to consult with your vet to find out if maybe there's a medical organic issue going on here. It's important to remove the stimulus. Something like the dog sitting by the window and sees predators outside, or other dogs, or wildlife that cause him to do excessive barking. And it's important also to not reward the dog for barking. A very common problem that people will do is they will try to calm the dog down using treats, or praise, or make noises. None of that really works because it makes the dog want to do it more. It makes them want to bark and continue that behavior. So it's important to reinforce with quiet behavior using treats maybe when they're quiet. And praise as well. Using sounds can be tricky. Some people have used the shake cans, or air horns when they are making noise to try to stop the behavior. The problem with that is you have to be there for that to work. And it may actually not work at all because when you're gone they're going to continue to bark. Some people try to use ultrasonic trainers that will allow the dog to hear a sound we can't hear that may be noxious to them and cause them to stop barking. But that doesn't always work. It depends on the dog and the location of the trainer. It's very important that if this is due to boredom that we give much more playtime then the dog has had already. So using avoidance and correct positive, and some negative reinforcement with noise counter conditioning can help make life more harmonious and enjoyable for you and the dog.


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