How to Import Textures to Photoshop

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Textures are used for creating special effects inside of a program. Import textures to Photoshop with help from a certified Adobe instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Matthew Pizzi, and I'm going to show you how you can import textures into Photoshop. Textures are used for creating special effects inside of a program. What we're going to look at is a specific example as to how we can apply a texture to type inside of Photoshop. In this example, I have a piece of type in the document. I want to add a little more character to this type. One way of doing that is using a layer style. So in the layers panel with a type layer selected, come down to the FX button and click it. This will open up a menu of different layer styles. Go ahead and choose pattern overlay. This will open up a dialog box and you will find a small thumbnail of a pattern. If you click on that thumbnail, it will show you all the other patterns available inside of the program. You will notice right now it's pretty limited. What if you want to use your own pattern. What I'll do is cancel out of this dialog box and I have another document open. I will come over to that document by clicking on this document tab and this document is nothing more than a grunge-like texture. I want to use this as my pattern overlay. To do that I need to go up to the edit menu and from the edit menu, you can choose define pattern. That's going to open up a dialog box and you can name the pattern. I'll go ahead and and name it Grunge. Once you name it click okay and return back to the original document. Let's go ahead and select that type layer again and click the FX button to activate the menu and choose pattern overlay. Again, click on the little thumbnail to reveal all the different patterns. You will notice the texture that we just defined is available. If you hover over it, a tool tip will appear telling you that it is in fact the grunge texture, go ahead and click on it. If you have the preview option selected, you will see that texture applied to your type. If you want to modify it in any way, you can drag this scale slider to the left or to the right to change its appearance. Once you are happy, click okay and you can see that you have applied your custom texture to this type.


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