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Speech to text apps for the iPhone will allow you to automatically translate words that you say into blocks of text. Find out about speech to text apps for the iPhone with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience developing embedded system firmware and providing global engineering software, tool and process support in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mat Pierce, and this is speech to text apps for the iPhone. Now there are plenty of speech to text apps or text to speech apps for the iPhone but the iPhone also has a built in speech to text function if you look on the keyboard when you are typing in text, there's a little microphone and you can click on that and it will listen to you talk and do an attempt to translate it in a text and that works good for short things when you are just going to do some keyboard input and you want to speak it instead of type it but there are other apps that give you more control over what you can do. So if you go to the iTunes store, do a search on speech to text and you'll come up with several apps. The first two in my search is voice text and Dragon dictation. Now .Dragon dictation is a big name in speech to text conversion. Now if you click on either one of these and look at them, you will see the information that comes up, you know the ratings and whatnot, this is pretty highly rated, the voice text, and you can look down here, it has like seven or eight languages that it works in. Now if you go back and look at Dragon, it has I believe 31 plus languages. So it's got a lot more capabilities but either one, they have good ratings and they will let you do more than just, you know, voice input of keyboard, it will allow you to control and send text messages by voice and control your device with your voice rather than just the keyboard. So again, you can go to the iTunes store and do a search on speech to text and you will find some apps to do that.


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