How to Get to the House for Surf in the Safari Zone in "Pokemon LeafGreen"

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Getting to the house for surf in the safari zone in "Pokemon" will require you to take one particular path. Get to the house for surf in the safari zone in "Pokemon" with help from a graduate of Full Sail University in Recording Arts in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, Joe Liptock Pokemon expert here. Today, I'm gonna be talking about how you can get your hands oh HM3 Surf in Pokemon LeafGreen and Fire Red. Okay, so HM3 is located in the safari zone in Leaf Green and Fire Red, and to get to the safari zone you'll first want to head over to Fuchsia City. Once you're in Fuchsia City, you want to head to the safari zone, pay yourself in for a nice visit. Once you're inside the actual safari zone, you'll want to make your way through the map, pretty quick pace because you are on a time limit when you're in the safari zone. Basically just follow the path that it has laid out for you. There are a little bit of turns with dead ends and stuff, but basically just stick to the nearby path and you'll eventually get to a secret house at the end of the safari zone. Once you're there, you want to enter the house and talk to the person inside the house, and they will give you HMO3 free, and take that as a present. So, that's awesome, and congratulations because you just got HM3, pretty big game changer so you have a lot of Pokemon things to do and I'll let you get to it. So, hope you enjoyed this video, my name's Joe Liptock, have a great day.


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