How to Keep My Dreadlocks From Being Frizzy

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Keeping your dreadlocks from being frizzy will require you to make sure that they are holding their shape in the best way possible. Keep your dreadlocks from being frizzy with help from an experienced hair care professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Jennifer Hyde, and I'm here today to talk about how you can prevent your dreadlocks from being frizzy. So today we are going to talk about the different things that you can do that will help prevent frizz in your locks. Some of them can be done when you are sleeping because that's a time frame that a lot of frizziness happens, as well as things that you can do at home maintenance-wise to help reduce frizz and/or put those small hairs that are coming out of the locks back into the locks and help them hold their shape the best. The simplest thing that you can do is trade your cotton pillowcase for a satin pillowcase. This is something that women have been doing for years and years when they don't want to mess up their hairstyle and they don't want to have to sleep sitting up. So this allows the hair to slip across the pillowcase as opposed to get bound into the cotton fibers and actually the cotton fibers will pull the hair loose from the locks, because being a natural fiber, those two things are actually attracted to one another as opposed to repelled. So a satin pillowcase is the A number one thing that you can do yourself a favor with in preventing frizz. If that's not an option that you would like, another method that you can use is simply binding your hair inside of a scarf when you sleep. All of these things help to prevent frizz. Now occasionally you are still going to get some frizzy pieces that are going to come out of the lock. So things that you can do at home as at home maintenance to help prevent this, you can do what's called palm rolling, very simple, you simply take the hair, hold it in between your hands and gently roll it back and forth. This helps to feed those little pieces of hair back inside the lock. Another method that people like to use is using a latch hook. This is also very easy and you can do it yourself or sometimes you get a friend or if you have a stylist that helps you, by all means. The hook can actually grab the little pieces of hair and actually pull them back in to the inside of the lock where they ought to be, therefore, preventing the frizzies and/or feeding those little frizzies back into the lock shaping so that they present a cleaner and more put together effect.


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