How to Do the Dreadlock Twist Bun Hairstyle

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Doing the dreadlock twist bun hairstyle is something that you can do to get your locks up and out of the way. Do the dreadlock twist bun hairstyle with help from an experienced hair care professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Jennifer Hyde, and today I am here to show you how to do a dreadlock twist bun hair style. This is a great hairstyle whenever you want to get the locks up and out of your way, still having them look very elegant and also professional. I'm gonna start by giving myself a nice easy ponytail base in order to wrap the dreadlocks onto. So I'm gonna pick up most of the locks from the middle of the head shape and I'm going to pull them way up high, and I'm just going to put a rubber band around them. Once I have this group of locks secure, then I'm going to begin to twist them and rotate them in my hand until they begin to form a coil, and then I'm going to allow that coil to wrap around itself, and then I'm going to simply pin the tails and the underneath side of this bun into itself so that it stays. So I'm gonna simply move this around, and I'm going to begin to secure the underside of my bun shaping with pins as I go. Once I have this piece secure, then I'm going to gather the other locks from around the head shape and I'm going to also wrap these around the bun. Now, you can go in the same direction, or you can go in the opposite direction, it doesn't really matter. Going the same direction is going to give you the effect as if they're all twisted into one pattern, going the opposite way is just gonna give you a little bit more texture in your bun shape. Make sure that your pins grab a little bit of hair from the scalp area as well as some of the hair that's actually in the dreadlocks, that way you get a nice secure tight bun that is going to last and stay for you all day. Then we can take a little bit of water and or product, and we can use that to gently smooth the hair around the edges and make sure that it looks nice and neat inside the bun.


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