Scavenger Behavior in Puppies

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Scavenger behavior in puppies is something that you can do by working on it like a job. Find out about scavenger behavior in puppies with help from an experienced pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Ron Murray with Montana Murray Kennels. We're going to talk about how to create scavenger behavior in your puppies. So, one of the reasons that you'd want to be encouraging scavenger behavior in a puppy, is because maybe you're going to be working on a job for your dog. Such as something like searching rescue, tracking, something where the dogs can really be putting their nose to the ground. Or using their mind in mental stimulation. Plus another one is, it's always really good if you can physically and mentally drain your puppy's energy. They're going to be more relaxed, more calm, less destructive around the house. So, we're going to bring Bronco out, we're going to use a couple of toys with him. See if he's interested in any of them. And just how to work on some positive behavior of getting to know toys for scavenger work. Alright, so here we've got a toy on a stick for the dog. And we're just trying to see what kind of reaction we actually get. And he's actually acting just like he's a little bit afraid of it. Let's see if we can get a squeak going. Oh, there we go. Now we're starting to get the dog interested in it. So, we're not playing tug of war a whole lot, but we actually we him to be able to be attracted to the toy and then, start associating. Once we know the puppy has that drive for the toy, then we can start working that over towards the human as the affection and their reward. Drop it, good boy. So, the big part is, if you're going to be doing any kind of tracking, search and rescue and stuff. Your puppy should be interested in a variety of different types of toys. Go boy, go boy, go boy, go boy, go boy. And that is a big part of when you're working with your dog and trying to find out what kind of scavenger behavior. Lots of praise and affection, let him know that they're doing it for a reason. Every puppy that has a little bit of play in him, but some of them can actually be a little bit lazy. Bit if you notice that you have a dog that's really interested in going after the tennis balls or after the toys that are being played with. Then that's where you might be thinking about getting a good job for your dog, involving some sort of scavenger behavior. Thank you so much, hopefully this helped out with a little bit of scavenger behavior with your dogs. Have a nice day.


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