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Preschool pet store activities are a great way to teach little ones about animals like birds and other pets. Find out about a great preschool pet store activity with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jenn Fadal, founder of The Pack Mom. And this is how to create a great preschool pet store activity for your little ones. So, if you have little ones, it's really important to start telling them and teaching them how to treat their pets. That can be fish, birds, frogs, dogs, cats, whatever. You can either take them to a pet store and teach them a couple of things. Or you can have their classroom teacher create a pet store scene and teach them about family pets. So, let's get started. First things first. The basic pets you're going to find in somebody's home are frogs, birds, cats, dogs. So, they can even just do something that's easy as color a wonderful of a fish or a of a cat. And as they're coloring, you can explain to them the proper care and love to give that small animal. Next, wipe boards and dry erase markers are wonderful. You could have a simple picture of a dog behind a plastic screen or you can even use like a divider folder that's plastic. And you can say, let's draw five dots on the dog or let's draw a bone or two bones. You can work on your toddler's counting ability while they're drawing on the plastic screen. Then you can erase it and start again. Another good counting game for your toddler is to use treats. And have them count a certain number of treats for the family pet. So, let's say, let's count two treats in a bowl Chico and have your toddler put a couple of treats in the bowl for your family dog. My favorite pet store activity is to ask your child what are the basic needs of your cat or dog. So that's going to be food, treats, collars, maybe a leash, maybe a toy. Have them go around the store with a shopping cart or a shopping basket and fill it up with all of the favorite things they would like to have for their family pet. I'm Jenn Fadal and this is how to create a very fun preschool pet store activity for your young one. Thanks for watching.


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