How to Copy & Paste Text in After Effects

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Copying and pasting text in After Effects is a very similar process to doing it in any other program. Copy and paste text in After Effects with help from a certified Adobe instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Matthew Pizzi. We're gonna go ahead and talk about how you can copy and paste content inside of After Effects. Having the ability to copy and paste is essential in any program, but it's especially powerful inside of After Effects as you can copy animated objects along with all their key frames in any other effects applied to them. In this composition, you'll notice that I have time lapse footage of the Shanghai skyline. You'll also notice that I have a text object, and this text object is animating in from the right side of the composition. What we want to do is add another piece of text, really doing the exact same thing, just underneath it. So instead of having to rebuild it from scratch, we can go ahead and select the object and copy it. You can copy it using the keyboard shortcut command+c on the Mac or control+c on Windows, or you can go to the edit menu and choose copy. Then you can paste this object. To past it, you can go to the edit menu and choose paste, and you'll see the new layer Shanghai two. Now at this point we have the exact same object performing the exact same animation. So we really can't see it. What we want to do in the Shanghai two layer is remove the key frames. Once you remove the key frames, you can move the text object down a little bit, and then you can double-click to change the text. We're gonna go ahead and change it to nights. After changing the text, we're gonna go ahead and resize it a little bit so it's a tad smaller. Once you're done sizing the text, you want to position it where you want the text to start animating from. I'm gonna place it over here on the right hand side outside of the composition. Then what you want to do is set a key frame for its staring point, but you want its key frame to appear after the first key frame for the Shanghai text. So you want to offset it a little bit. So move the time indicator so you have that position where you want it. Once the time indicator is positioned properly, you can move the text element into the composition and place it where you want the animation to stop. If you press the space bar, you'll be able to see Shanghai animate in, and as Shanghai animates, before it stops you'll see nights animate in as well. So as you can see, copying and pasting can save you time when working inside of After Effects.


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