How to Morph Shapes in After Effects

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Morphing shapes in After Effects is a process that you can do when working with masks, for example. Morph shapes in After Effects with help from a certified Adobe instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Matthew Pizzi. We're gonna talk about how you can morph shapes inside of After Effects. There can be lots of reasons as to why you would want to morph shapes, maybe for a titling sequence, or for working with masks. To start this off, we're gonna create a new composition. In terms of the dimensions and the duration, that's completely up to you. Inside the new composition dialogue box, go ahead and set up your parameters and click okay. Once you clikc okay, we need to create a new solid. The best way to do that is to use a keyboard shortcut. It's command+y on the Mac, control+y on Windows. Once you hit that keyboard shortcut, a dialogue box will open where you can name your solid and set up any parameters. In my case I'm gonna leave it set to this blue that I currently have selected. I'll go ahead and click okay, and the solid's been added to the composition. Now what you can do is come up towards the top and choose one of your drawing tools. You'll notice that there's several different shapes that you can choose from. In this case, I'm gonna go ahead and select a star, and I'm gonna draw a star out here onto the composition. After drawing this star, I'll go ahead and center it onto the composition. With the solid layer still selected, come back up and choose a different shape drawing tool. In this case, I'm gonna choose the ellipse tool. With the ellipse tool, I'm gonna go ahead and draw out a circle. After drawing the circle, what we want to do is set key frames for the mask path property for both mask one and mask two. Once you set the key frames, you want to move the time indicator. I'm gonna move the time indicator to the 40 frame mark. After doing that, I'm gonna come back and select the first key frame on that first mask layer. I'm gonna go ahead and cut it to the clipboard, command+x or control+x on Windows. Then you can go ahead and paste it, command+v or control+v on Windows, and you'll notice that the key frame is pasted exactly where your time indicator is. If you press the space bar on your keyboard, you'll now see that we have an animation of a star morphing into a circle. As you can see, it's very easy to create morphing shape tweens inside of After Effects.


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