How Do I Check the Spelling of the File Name & Verify That the File Location Is Correct in Excel?

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Checking the spelling of the file name and location in Excel is something that you want to do to make sure all of your data is in order. Check the spelling of the file name and location in Excel with help from a mechanical engineer with 32 years of experience in a large aerospace company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ted. Today, I'm going to show you how to check the spelling of a file name and the location of a file name in Excel. This is something you really want to know how to do because it's important to have the correct spelling. And you want to be able to find your files when you want them. So, I have a file open here and as you can see, it actually, it's called just for fun, The Seven Dwarfs, it has seven different tabs down here. And the name of the file, as you can see up here, is misspelled. So, what we're going to do is, first we want to find out where this file is. And one good trick to do that, is to go to File and then, Save As as if you were going to save it. And see where Excel thinks it is. And we go up here and we can see in the Documents folder now, this is on a Mackintosh. in Windows you would do the same kind of thing where it would be in Windows Explorer. Under the Documents, her's a folder called the Seven Dwarfs Folder. And here's the file that we have open right now, the one that's misspelled. As you can see that file is not in this folder. Because if we go to the folder and open it up by double clicking on it, there's nothing there. So, we're going to Cancel, we don't want to save it yet. We want to first close the file and then, we're going to go to our windows, excuse me. And then, we're going to go to our Finder and we're going to first, it happened to open up to the documents here. And we're going to first fix the spelling of the file. So, you go in and you have to carefully click it once, so that you don't open it. And then, click it a second time, very slowly. Now, you can see the appearance changed, we're actually in Text Edit mode here. We put our cursor by the file, the place where we want to make the fix and just go hit a couple deletes. And then, put the correct spelling in. then, click somewhere away from it. Sure enough we've fixed the spelling. Now we take that file and we very carefully drag into the folder where we want it to be. And there we go, there we have the Seven Dwarfs, Excel file is in the Seven Dwarfs Folder. And now, we can open it up and Excel opens up and there we have Seven Dwarfs file name. And if we go to Save As, it wants to save it in the Seven Dwarfs Folder. So, we've succeeded in correcting both the spelling and the location of the file. So, I hope this has been helpful. I'm Ted and today, I showed you how to check the spelling and location of a file name in Excel. Thanks for watching.


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