How Do I Create a Graph With Lines & Bars Together in Excel 2007?

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Creating a graph with lines and bars in Excel is something that is very useful to do if you are trying to track a trend. Create a graph with lines and bars in Excel with help from a mechanical engineer with 32 years of experience in a large aerospace company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ted. Today, I'm going to show you how to create a graph with lines and bars together in Excel. This is something that's useful if you want to plot some data such as a trend line or a run chart. Where you have two different types of data that you're going to plot both on a time axis. And one of them you want to show as lines and one of them you want to show as bars. So, I've an example here that maybe will better illustrate this. Where I've got some made up production data, Column A is the week, Column B is the number of widgets produced and Column C is the number if defects. So, we want to make a chart that has the widgets on a line chart and the defects on a bar chart. So, the first thing we do, and there's many ways to do this. but just the one way I'm going to show you is, select a whole range of data, including the headers. And then, depending on your operating system, find the Charts menu. And I always like to start with a Scatter Chart. And we select the scatter chart and because we had the range selected, it immediately makes the chart. Here we've got the week on the X axis, and we've got the widgets and the defects up on the Y axis. And what we want to do, is we want to show the defects as a bar chart instead of a line chart. First thing I want to do though, is just real quick, I want to make the defects on a secondary axis. So, what you do if you have a Mackintosh, hold the Control key down. If you have a Windows machine, do a right click. Select under Data and then, select Format Data Series and select on, go back to Axis here and select Secondary Axis. And then, we've got the defects, are now on the right hand axis. And I just want to quickly re-scale that. So, we double-click on the numbers on the axis and we're going to re-scale it to 500, just so that they both show separately. Now, the final thing we want to do, is we want to make the defects into a bar chart instead of points which we can connect with lines to make a line chart. So, what we're going to do is, oops, I accidentally clicked that, we're going to select, just single click on the defects. And then, go up to, in this case we're going to make a column chart. We click on the Columns options under the different types of charts. And we select one of those options and there we have it. The defects are now on a bar chart, the widgets are a line chart. And just finally, I'll just actually make the widgets start out without a line. We're going to select a line color here and there we go. And there we have it. Now, the widgets are a line chart, the defects are a bar chart. So, I hope this has been helpful. I'm Ted and today, I showed you how to create a chart with combined lines and bars in Excel. Thank you for watching.


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