The Best Winter Clothes for Pregnant Women

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The best winter clothes for pregnant women should still be comfortable and functional above all else. Find out about the best winter clothes for pregnant women with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Robin Otto from zulily, and I'm here to talk to you about the best winter clothes to wear while you are pregnant. A common question that I get is how do I deal with the common temperature changes that I experience while pregnant especially during the winter and the answer to that is layering. So I'm going to show you some great options on how to layer your outfits so you can stay warm while you are outside and cool while you are inside. So I have a few different options here that I can show you on how you can layer your outfits to be able to kind of take things off as you get hot throughout the day and also bundle back up when you go outside. So this here is a great cardigan from Pink Blush Maternity which has a fabulous belt that goes right over the belly. What's great about this look is that we've paired it with a wonderful scarf so if you get hot when you get inside the office or something like that you can just easily remove that and throw it right back on when you go back outside as well as removing the cardigan as well and it's got a great length which is very flattering to kind of camouflage the hips throughout the pregnancy but really showing off that baby bump. So I love this outfit. Another option that I have here is a fabulous cowl neck from Pink Blush Maternity. Again what I love about this is the sleeve length, it sits right above the elbow so it's not too long to make you really hot but allows the air to move in and out of the sweater keeping you nice and cool and the temperature controlled. It also is a great cable knit for that same reason which is fantastic. I love the cowl neck on it which allows you to have a little bit of extra flare and fashion with the piece without getting too fussy without having to add a scarf or a necklace or something like that so this is a fantastic piece to wear all throughout the winter. The next little pairing that I have here is an open cardigan and what I love about open cardigans is that it adds nice, something easy that you can throw on and easily take off as well if you get too hot. So I've added this chunky Infinity scarf which allows you to be able to take it on and off and it's very on trend right now, the Infinity scarf that you can wrap around a couple of times so it keeps you nice and warm but also you can take it off to cool down once you get inside and this can be easily paired over a black T shirt or even a white little cap sleeve so if you get really hot you can kind of unlayer and take all of that off. And the last option that I have is this really fun gold Lurex sweater to wear all throughout the holidays and throughout winter. What I love about this is it does have a little peep on the shoulder to kind of add some movement and air and keep you nice and cool but it does have the long sleeve to also kind of balance out that heat. So this is something great you can wear to a holiday party or even just pair with jeans to keep it kind of more casual but this is a fantastic piece and those are just a few great options to wear all throughout winter for your maternity wardrobe.


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