Are Normal Jeans OK to Wear Early in Pregnancy?

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Normal jeans are definitely okay to wear early during pregnancy, but you have to keep a few key things in mind. Find out if normal jeans are OK to wear early in pregnancy with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, my name is Robin Otto from zulily, and I'm here to answer the question of whether or not you can wear your pre-pregnancy jeans during your first trimester. The answer is yes. And I will also be showing you some other great options that you can wear later on throughout your pregnancy. The first option I'm going to show you is something that's going to be a great solution in the first trimester. And it's called the Bellaband from Ingrid and Isabel. And what it is is this band here that goes over your pre-pregnancy jeans. And what you do is you leave the button and zipper unzipped. And this goes right on top to help hold on your jeans while you are in those first stages of pregnancy and not having to rush out and buy a brand new pair. These come in a variety of colors. Some come with some lace trim. And it's just a great solution for the first trimester. Another great option is these jeans here or these actually are cords from Paige Maternity. And they have what's called a side stretch. And it's a little insert panel that goes into the regular pants that they have for in their regular line. And it gives them extra stretch and it sits right underneath the belly. So these are really great for the first and second trimester. But I wouldn't recommend this for the third trimester as it can sometimes cause some pressure in the lower abdomen making it a little bit uncomfortable. Another option here is this is a pair of jeans from Oh Mama. They have a great underbelly maternity band. This is a little bit thicker and wider giving you a little bit more support. And allowing the jeans to hold on for a lot longer. These can be worn all the way through the end of the pregnancy depending on your preference. And these are a fantastic option for a great maternity jean. And last but not least we have the over belly. This is probably the most popular type of style that we see on the market as it lasts the full term of all the way through your final months of pregnancy. It goes all the way up over the belly. And has a great amount of stretch so it allows your belly to grow without an added pressure in the lower part of the tummy. And they give you some great stretch all throughout. Not to mention it is seamless so you can't really see it underneath your tops which is fantastic. And those are some different jean options that will help you not only in the early stages of your pregnancy but all the way through the end.


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