How to Repeat Things on "Minecraft"

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Repeating things on "Minecraft" is something you'll want to know how to do if you ever start customizing builds. Repeat things on "Minecraft" with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Carl, and today I'm going to show you how to build something that repeats in Minecraft. It's important you know how to do this because then you can really customize your builds by creating trap doors or doors that open and shut or anything that you want to repeat in the game. The first thing that you want to do is you're going to need to get a repeating switch that's made out of red stone. You're going to need red stone, wire and some blocks. In this instance, I'm, instance, I'm going to use sticky pistons. So, to build this repeating switch, we're going to place the block down, put a red stone towards right on the front. Now, you can't place the block on the ground right in front of the torch. So, you're going to move one block away and then come over one spot and then place down your red stone switch. And it's important that you're facing the same direction when you place the switch. If you move over to the side, this won't work. Now, this switch dictates how fast the electrical circuit repeats. So, we're going to loop the circuit by placing red stone here and here and now, we have a repeating circuit. We can click, right click here on the switch to slow it down and I'm just going to place another block over here, put some red stone on top of that and put down my sticky pistons. And you can see already that we have a repeating switch. To turn this switch on and off, you basically break the red stone wire and turn it back on. You can use this for any kind of trap door, any kind of system or monster span or setup, monster trap, anything that you want. So, my name is Carl and today, I showed you how to build a repeating switch in Minecraft and I hope you enjoyed it.


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