What Is a Smoothie in Waxing?

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In waxing, a smoothie is a facial for your bikini line. Find out about a smoothie in waxing with help from an experienced waxing professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Vasilas. Today, I'm going to talk to you about what a smoothie is as it pertains to waxing. It's also known as a peach smoothie. It's a facial for your bikini line. Let's get started. For this service I'm going to demonstrate on a peach. I'm using all facial products. If it's safe enough for your face, then it's safe enough for your bikini line. To start, you want to cleanse the area. I'm using a mild cleanser. Usually just a couple one to two pea sizes should be efficient. I'm going to add a little bit of water and suds this up. I'm using a fan brush and you can find these fan brushes at any art supply store or craft store. So you just want to gently cleanse the area and after you're done, just rinse with a wash cloth. Next you want to do an enzyme mask. This enzyme mask is going to exfoliate the dead skin. It helps that dead skin off and prepare the skin for our next step, which is going to be the extractions. Now you're going to let this mask sit on for ten minutes. You might feel a slight tingling sensation and that's OK. That's the enzyme going to work. After the ten minutes, you're going to rinse the area. Then you're going to perform some extractions. To do an extraction you just want to gently push at the sides of that ingrown hair. If you have to do too much work, let it go and come back to it at another time. You don't want to cause damage to your skin. After you're done with your extractions, you want to apply mild medicated toner. This is going to help to kill the bacteria that may be sitting on the surface of the skin that was released from those extractions. Once that's done you're going to do a second mask. For the second mask I'm doing a tea tree mask which is also a clay mask. This is going to help to close your pores back up. Now this mask will harden as it sits on there for the ten minutes. You may have to hop in the shower to remove this. If it doesn't remove easily wish a wash cloth. For your final step, you want to apply a nice soothing moisturizing or if you have an ingrown hair inhibitor that you're using on a regular basis, you can easily apply that as well. Five easy steps and you're complete. And that is a peach smoothie.


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