How to Make Custom Text in Photoshop

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Making custom text in Photoshop is a great way to create a unique and personal final product. Understanding how to use the options bar within the text tool is the best way to master doing this. Find out more about making custom text in Photoshop with tips from an Adobe expert and teacher in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Cross, Photoshop educator and instructor for creativeLIVE. This is how to make custom type in Photoshop. The text tool in Photoshop is very powerful. It can do all kinds of things from single words to paragraphs and even text along a shape. And we'll look at all of those options including some ways you can make the type look just about any way you want. Here's how you do it. First of all of course we have to click on our type tool. Now one important thing to notice the type tool automatically will be put on its own layer so you don't have to worry about that it just does it automatically. If I simply click once that tells Photoshop I want to start typing. So if I put some text right now my text is really, really big from whatever the last time I used this tool. But I can go up to this options bar here and just lower the size dramatically and then position it where I want. So like very tool in Photoshop, this tool is controlled by the options bar. Font size, alignment, all the different options including color. Now right now it looks a little unusual because my type is still highlighted but it is actually white. Any time you're using type in Photoshop you have to tell Photoshop when you're finished and that's what this checkmark here is for is this is what lets you commit the type. So that's going to tell Photoshop I'm finished entering the type. Now you see I have my type layer and that's over here as well. Let's just delete that for a second and show you the alternate option is if I want a paragraph of type I click and drag as if I'm drawing a rectangle and this time the text will wrap around. So you can see if I can type properly that it will wrap around do the next line. Looks a little unusual right now because my text is still really big so once again I can select is and go make it the size I want and now I can wrap around and as soon as I'm finished then I can again hit the commit button and now you don't see that little box there but it's always available if you wanted to. And the final option which is really interesting is you can go and take some tool like the ellipse shape and up here in the options bar I want to make sure it's set to something called path. And now if I draw this path it's almost like a guideline because now if I take my same type tool you'll notice the cursor changes right there and now I can type text and you'll see it's actually following the shape of the path. And once again once I'm happy with it I press the commit button and now I have an editable type layer that's customized the way I want. The great advantage of using text in Photoshop is it's always editable. You can always change the font, the spelling the size the color, everything you want very, very easily. I'm Dave Cross, thanks for watching.


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