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Using the CS5 mixer brush is a lot more interesting than a regular brush because it can be used almost as if the paint is actually wet. This allows for more mixing and greater detail with colors while using Photoshop. Learn more about this tutorial for the CS5 mixer brush with tips from an Adobe expert and teacher in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Cross. This is tutorial for CS5 mixer brush. While it's not an everyday tool, the mixer brush has an interesting option because it treats your colors differently than a regular brush. Normally, you paint with a color end of story. With the mixer brush, you have to imagine almost like you're paint is wet, and you just start mixing it all together. Let's take a look. So I've created a simple document just with three bars of colors so I can show you the difference when I have my regular brush and I pick some color, it paints and basically just ignores anything underneath it. If I switch to the mixer brush, which is found in the same set of brushes, then all my options up at the options bar change. Now there's a lot of options up here, and the best thing I can suggest to you is you try an option, and then undo and try a different option. I'm gonna choose to clear my brush so I have nothing loaded as a color, and then I just have to also decide what kind of brush I want. I'm gonna use a more unusual brush, and now you can see when I do this, let's make our brush a little bigger using the right bracket key, if I start in the red area and sort of push, you can see it's as if the red paint is wet, and if I go the other direction, you see now it's mixing the colors back and forth. So the angle and distance I push is gonna make a difference. So people use this for lots of purposes including making something from a photograph into a painting, or just making unusual backgrounds. And again, be sure to experiment with all these settings, and remember, it's like you're working with wet paint. Now as I mentioned, there's a ton of options for the mixer brush tool, and the best thing you can do is try some setting, paint a little bit, and then undo it and try a different setting, and that way you'll start to discover the settings you like the most for the mixer brush.


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