SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

The SanDisk connect wireless flash drive will help make sure you're never without free hard drive space again. Find out about the SanDisk connect wireless flash drive with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow Tech and next I've got the SanDisk Connect wireless flash drive, so I know what you are asking, why would I want a flash drive to be wireless. Well aside from the fact that some day everything should be wireless this is actually designed to help you stream content from your computer or wherever it comes from to your mobile devices like your phones and your tablets. Here's how it works. It comes in two varieties, a 16 and a 32 gig version and they cost $50 and $60 respectively. It's a regular flash drive to stick it in your PC, you can copy files to it and then you've got a little button here that when you press it, turns on the wireless capability. There's also a battery in here that runs for about four hours. So let's say I copy a bunch of movies and music to it, I pull it out, I take it to the car and then I turn it on and then everyone in the car can connect to this network that's being broadcast by this USB key and you can play the movies, listen to the music. You don't have to have them stored on the mobile device because they are here and it's streaming to multiple devices at once. It's a really cool idea and I would say this is a great choice for anybody that has a family full of mobile users. If you can imagine, somebody in your family that packs a van full of kids and everybody has their iPhone or their iPad, this is the thing to get.

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