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The Basis B1 is a new type of watch that is designed specifically to be a fitness trapper. Find out about the Basis B1 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow tech and this is the year of the smart watch. It seems like whether you're looking at the pebble or the Sony smart watch or the Samsung gear, everybody has a watch that puts information from your phone on your wrist. Well the Basis is a smart watch but it's actually designed to be a fitness trapper. So it's not going to give you information from your phone, it's going to tell you how you're doing and help you improve your health and improve your fitness. This is what it looks like. It's not the sexiest watch on the market, it's kind of square, it's a little bulky, but it is really cool. It does a lot of great things to help you get in to shape. On the back you'll notice it has a bunch of sensors. It has a heart rate monitor, it has a perspiration monitor, skin temperature monitor and an accelerameter so it knows when you're moving around. So what does it actually do? Well here's what you get for 200 dollars. So it's a little on the expensive side but what you get for that is a pedometer, it tells you how many steps you're taking every day, which is handy. But more importantly it's going to use all the data from the sensors I've talked about to help you understand on displays here on your PC in a web browser, how you're doing, how you're performing through the day, it's going to make recommendations for things that you need to do to improve your lifestyle. It gives you little tasks, little jobs. One or two at a time and as you master those it tries to change your behavior through habits. So for example when you first put your basis on when you take it out of the box you only have one job and that is just to wear it. And it monitors how long you wear it and after you've worn it enough, you graduate to getting to pick what the next tasks are that you want to do. This watch does both of those things, it both monitors your activities during the day and it is a sleep monitor so you can wear it at night and it tracks your sleep patters as well. You've got the data on the laptop, also there's -- how, what you're doing with them, and you can sync wirelessly the data from your watch to your smart phone so you don't ever have to hook a bulky cable up to transfer data to your laptop, that sort of thing. Now 200 dollars it is a little expensive but if you or somebody on your shopping list is really in to fitness and is really serious about improving I don't think you can make a better choice than the Basis.

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