How to Make a Giraffe on the iPhone Out of Keyboard Characters

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Making a giraffe on the iPhone out of keyboard characters is something you can do in an iMessage. Make a giraffe on the iPhone out of keyboard characters with help from an experienced Apple professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Omega Lee, and this is how to make a giraffe on the iPhone out of keyboard characters. Everyone likes to send their friends funny text messages, and today I'm gonna show you a funny way of sending them a giraffe. The first thing to do is go into settings and when you go into settings it's important for us to go to general, and turn off the auto-correct, so we'll go to keyboard, and we'll turn the shortcut off right here so that there's no auto-correct, and when we go to send the text message, what we'll do is we'll start the giraffe. So we'll do five spaces, one, two, three, four, five, and we'll do a forward slash, a open parenthesis, i i, forward slash, close parenthesis, return, open parenthesis, o, that's lower case o, quotations, space and then quotations, space, and close parenthesis. Hit return so we've got the face. Now we're gonna do a couple spaces, then we'll do the straight bar, two spaces and another straight bar, and then hit return, and we'll do that again. Then we'll do that again. So now we're doing the neck. And we'll do another straight bar. We're continuing the neck, now we're gonna start with the body. And we are gonna do underscores. So a few underscores. And then straight bar to begin the behind. No space here. And then we'll hit return, and we'll just fill in the neck, straight bar there, and then we will continue to space and fill out the body, under score and straight bar. Now we're gonna do the legs. Two spaces there, and we're gonna do the hind legs, and these are with straight bars. And we are now ready to send that. So, we can send that to our friend, and we can see here the giraffe.


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