How to Create a Newspaper Using Microsoft Publisher

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Creating a newspaper using Microsoft Publisher will first require you to select the appropriate page size. Create a newspaper in Microsoft Publisher with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Zach. And I'm going to walk you through the straightforward process of making a newspaper in Microsoft Publisher. So, over here, I'm on Publisher and I'm going to go to Blank Page Sizes. Now, we can go through these labels and decide what would be best for us. But I think the best one to select is this one here. So, we'll just select that one and say, Create. Now, it's not going to look very good if it's just on white. So, what we're going to do, is actually go into my Documents and pull a picture in here. So, we'll go to my Documents and I have blank newspapers. So, we'll just click and drop. Minus this and we'll drag it up to the size of our paper. Keep in mind, you do need to stay within the blue boundary. That's all that's actually going to be print safe. So, we'll just re-size this to make sure it's in our blue boundary. Alright and that's the space we have to work with. Now what I'm going to do, is I can get a text box. So, we'll go up to Insert and do Text Box. And we're just going to do it across the top here. And we'll call this the Portland Post, and we can make that text bigger just by formatting here. And that looks pretty good to me. So, what we can do, is click and move that directly in the center or hit this center button there to center in our text box. Now, we can change this font to something that looks a little bit newsier. We're going to go up to this dialog and type in Franklin Gothic. And there we go. We'll select that one and that looks pretty good. Now what I'm going to layout, is showing you where you could different things to make your newspaper look the most effective. So, here you could have a picture or I'll even make a little text box. And you can say, picture goes and you could even put another box here. To show this is where you want one article going. And then, you could even put another box here to show where another picture or an article would go. You can use the simple text boxes in the insert feature and also you can go and use Clip Art for pictures or select any JPEG images from files that you have. My name's Zach and I showed you the simplest way to make a newspaper in Microsoft Publisher. Thanks for watching.


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