How to Change the Color of the Bar in a Footer in Microsoft Word

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Changing the color of the bar in a footer in Microsoft Word is a great way to keep things organized visually. Change the color of the bar in a footer in Microsoft Word with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I'm Jeff. Today, I'm going to show you how to change the color of your footer bar in Microsoft Word. You would want to change the color of your footer bar to help distinguish the body of your text from the footer and to help keep things a little more organized. So, let's check it out. Now, you would think, if you're going to insert a footer, it would be under insert but, oh no, it is under view. So, you're going to click header and footer under the ruler. And, you're going to click that and they appear, as your header and, if you go down here, there's your footer. So, I'm going to go down to footer and this is my footer. And, you can, you know, obviously, customize that text anyway you want it. I'm going to bold it and I might even make it a wee bit bigger, 16 font. Boom. This is my footer. And then, you're going to close the view to see that. So, the check mark is off, if you look here, the check mark's on. Oops. And so, you can take that back off that way as well. And then, if you want to create a bar right above your footer to separate it from the rest and you do go to insert, then you go down to shape and then you're going to see a nice little line that you can insert there. So, you click that. you're going to want to go from one side of your document to the other. Go right around the edge there. And then, you hold shift and you'll do a perfect line all the way across. And stop right where you want to stop and boom, you've got a line. And, if you want to change the color of your line, you can do format shape if you right click it. And, it'll automatically be on fill and you don't want that, you're going to go down to line. It's the second one here. And, now, you can change the color and, if you want, the transparency of your line. I'm going to have a nice big, black line and I'm going to hit okay and click out and exit that. And, look at that. I have a nice footer, customized with a big, black line right above it. And, that's how you change the color of your footer bar in Microsoft Word. I'm Jeff and thank you very much for watching.


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