How to Make a Rag Rug Out of Sheets

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Making a rag rug out of sheets is something that you might want to do if your current sheets are feeling a little outdated. Make a rag rug out of sheets with help from the author of "Living Simple, Free & Happy" in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Cristin Frank founder of Eve of Reduction and author of the do-it-yourself lifestyle book Living Simple, Free & Happy. Today, I'm gonna walk you through how to make a rag rug out of sheets. When choosing your bed sheets to work from you may have an old set that's beat and ready of upcycling or a set that's outdated or uncomfortable or maybe you bought an extra set of sheets to match the bed and now you're gonna make a rag rug to coordinate in that bedroom. Lets get started. So the first thing you want to do is cut about 3 to 4 inches into your sheets and that should be enough getting you started ripping the sheets into strips but just go ahead and keep ripping. Once you get one strip start again, I go in about an inch and a half, make my incision, and it'll rip that's the nice thing about bed sheets they just rip really nice. Then once you get at the end if you hit an edge snip it again. So continue to rip your sheets into strips until you have enough material to make whatever size rag rug you want. So once you rip your sheets into strips you're gonna want to separate them between short, medium, and long lengths and once you do that I've used a safety pin to hold the ends together and then you'll see you have short, medium, and then long and the reason we do this is because as we're braiding our sheets as you get down you have to start introducing new strips into your thing and you don't want to have them all end at one point cause then it becomes very obvious that that's where there's a gradual breaking point and that's why so if one ends then you can put your neck strip start adding that in and have a smoother transition in your braid. So once you finish your braid you're gonna start coiling it into what's gonna be your rag rug and this is where you decide the shape of your rug so if you want it circular just start coiling into a circle. If you're thinking you want something more oval shaped that's when you're gonna start to move it be more of an elongated coil and you can even make it heart shaped if you wanted but now is the point right at the start to set in motion the actual shape of your finished rug. So once you start to coil flip it over and you're gonna hand sew the braid to the under side. Don't concern yourself with what color thread you chose. When you flip it over you won't be able to see the thread at all from the top side of your rug and then continue to coil that onto itself stitching as you go. The other thing is at this point you may want to also add a grip liner to the bottom of your rag rug and this will keep it nice in place from sliding around on your floor. So once you've sewn your rag rug it's gonna look something like this. I'm Cristin Frank from Eve of Reduction and we've just upcycling sheets to make an adorable do-it-yourself rag rug that gives a cozy shabby chic rug to any room.


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