How to Braid a Paracord Snake

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Braiding a paracord snake is something that many people first do at summer camp. Braid a paracord snake with help from the author of "Living Simple, Free & Happy" in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cristin Frank, founder of Eve of Reduction and the author of the do-it-yourself lifestyle book Living Simple, Free & Happy. Today I'm gonna show you how braid a paracord snake which is something I been doing since my days at summer camp. To get started you'll need 2 pieces of 40 inch snake colored paracord. This can be green or brown or camouflage like I'm using and I got this chord at a sporting good store. Remember anytime you cut chord you need to singe the ends with a lighter or they'll fray. You'll also need a contrasting color for the snake's tongue like red or pink which I bought at a hardware store. The tongue chord only needs to be about 7 inches so make a knot using one of the long chords and the tongue chord and since the long chord will be looped it allows you to have a loop where you can actually put a little gadget on the end for making it into a bracelet and I actually put a pin there too just to hold it down for the purposes of braiding this paracord snake. Now we're gonna take the other piece of 40 inch paracord and place it under what I call the body of the snake. You're going to make something that looks like a sail boat sail crossing over the body of the snake. On the other side is what I'm gonna call an arm. You're gonna place that arm on top of the sail. This arm is gonna thread underneath the body and come through the sail. Flip it over pull it through the sail and then pull both sides evenly. Now if you made your sail on one side the next sail you make on the other side and you're gonna alternate back and forth. So make your sail run the arm over the sail and you can pick up the body and push that under and up through the sail and then repeat again. I'm gonna continue with this technique until I have about 2 inches left of the pink chord. So as you can see I continued looping for about 12 knots and now we're gonna make the head part of the snake. To do this you're actually going to start braiding in the opposite direction that you are going to do the body part. So leave whatever strings you have left over from the body, don't worry about those now. Now you're gonna take what was the inside snake colored chord, turn it around and start making your knots going in the opposite direction. So make your sail, bring the arm over, and go through. So continue this technique until the head forms. At this point you want to snip and singe any loose strings and that's how you make your paracord snake. Did you know paracord has useful survival properties like it can be used as a tunicate. I'm Cristin Frank from Eve of Reduction, I hope you've enjoyed this craft that's both fun and useful.


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