How to Make Cupcake Candles

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Making cupcake candles requires many of the same tools you would need to make actual cupcakes, like cupcake tins. Make cupcake candles with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josette Redwolf, and today we're in beautiful Key Largo, Florida at the Art Box. Today, we're here to teach you how to make cupcake candles. Now first you're going to need a cupcake tin. You can get these at the dollar store, it's perfectly fine. And you need your scent, and your dye and your wicks that you're going to use. So let's get started. Let's get just a little bit of wax in here. So we are going to do some brown black. It's a very, very dark brown liquid dye and I'm going to do probably about three drops because we want this to be really, really dark. And that's perfect, that's a perfect color right there. And we're going to add our fragrance now. About just because we're doing only one little tin I'm doing maybe half of a teaspoon of fragrance in there. And you just fill them up like this. Just like that. Now we're going to get our wicks. But first what we want to do is let it gel over just a little bit. And then place our wicks. And we'll be back in a second. Just as soon as this gels over. OK this has gelled over just enough so that we can place our wicks. Now you might want to take the wick pad at the edge so that you're breaking the surface and just put it right to the middle. And there you go. And these are specifically made for two inch diameter candles. And there you go. And then you can set it off to the side and let it get nice and hard and firm. This is what it looks like when they're dry and they're all firm. Like this. Now what you want to do is break off, try and pull these out as much as possible and if you push your thumb, take your thumb right at the bottom and just they pop right out. Going to stick this off to the side for nice. We're going to get enough wax and kind of eye it that we can use for the top. Little bit more for the top of our cupcake candles. I am not going to really put any coloring in here at all. I'm just going to leave it gold. And we're going to just start whisking and go back and forth, back and forth. Now we're been making candles all day so we have some coloration in here and it may pick up so what we did is we waited, let it set up and we whipped. OK so we picked up some of that yellow around the sides. And that actually gave us almost a French vanilla look for our icing. Which is actually pretty perfect. And we're going to take a spoon and we're going to start spooning on the icing. And you're going to just keep putting it on. Like this and mound it just like you would a cupcake. Make a cupcake look. Great with the icing. Like that and then while it's still kind of wet on the top I'm going to take some of my chocolate shavings. OK and I'm going to finish off the cupcake like that. OK and then I'm just going to keep doing that all the way around. We're going to let these set up and I'm going to show you the final result of your cupcake candles. And that is the final. That's how to make cupcake candles quick and easy.


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