How to Use Liquid Eyeliner Instead of Mascara

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Liquid eyeliner and mascara both add femininity to the eye. Learn how to use liquid eyeliner instead of mascara with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Taylor Babian. I'm a makeup artist. And today I'm going to show you how to apply liquid eyeliner instead of mascara. Liquid eyeliner adds femininity to the eye, which is what mascara does. It also adds depth and it creates height to the eye. And that's exactly what we want mascara to do. So, if you don't have mascara, liquid eyeliner is a great way to go. I'm going to use a liquid eyeliner called Telescopic by L'Oreal of Paris. So, I like to wing the eyeliner when it duplicates mascara. Because I like to add a little extra fullness to the ends of the eyes because it opens up the eyes. It also adds fullness. I'm doing short little strokes, getting a little thicker as we go towards the ends and just kind of creating a nice little triangle and attaching my first line. Winged eyeliner adds depth and it gives the illusion of thicker eyelashes like mascara does. So, now we have the finished winged liner on our model's left eye. And now we're going to work on her right eye. And of course when you're doing a winged eyeliner, you want to make sure that's it's symmetrical. It's kind of key. Otherwise it will look a little funny. And when you're doing that, you kind of just check back and forth. And of course everybody's eyelids are a little different. You might have a little bit one that's a little bit more down turned. The best way to do it again, is to apply the first initial one, see the angle of it, and create a duplicate. So, you want to make sure this initial line is even, first. So you're going to constantly check back in the mirror and make sure that it's correct. As you can see we've finished our eyeliner look. Close your eyes. One final tip. If you do make a mistake, what you can do is get a little bit of eye makeup remover on a pointy Q-tip and clean it up as you go. And that's how you work with eyeliner instead of mascara. I'm Taylor Babian. Thanks for watching.


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