The Best Hair Care Products for Damaged Hair

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Certain hair care products are great for hair that has been damaged. Learn about the best hair care products for damaged hair with help from a rising celebrity hairstylist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Caile Noble, celebrity hairstylist, and today I'm going to talk with you about the best haircare products for damaged hair. Now as you can see, with Vanessa's hair it's not terribly damaged but it does have those dry ends. In order to treat damaged hair you're going to want to be using products that contain natural oils such as shampoos and conditioners and styling products such as serums. Cleansers can often strip hair so I'd like to recommend Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo. If you have damaged hair, you don't want to shampoo daily because you do want natural oils to start penetrating the hair shaft. However, when you do shampoo, which should be on an every other day basis, you do want to be using a shampoo like this that's going to nourish and give your hair life. If you're color treating your hair and there's no way around it, be sure to be using a deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis. If you're using hot tools, try to minimize your use of those tools so your hair takes less heat and damage on a daily basis. Damaged hair often feels dry and brittle due to the lack of moisture in the hair. That's why using products that contain natural oils just like this one will improve the health, shine and moisture of the hair. Look for products containing camellia oils, coconut oils, argon oils, all these natural oils are going to be great for damaged hair. Products containing alcohol are the ones you want to avoid if you have damaged hair. Even when styling your hair, I know it's tough but you want to stay away from these products because they're going to dry hair out leaving it more damaged and more dry. Look for products that nourish hair. These products are going to contain natural oils and they are water based. They're not going to wallpaper hair but actually restore the damaged hair that you have. And there's some advice on the best haircare products for damaged hair. I'm Caile Noble. Thank you for watching.


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