How to Style African-American Hair

The only limit to the number of gorgeous ways you can style your hair is that of your own imagination. Find out how to style African-American hair with help from a hair professional in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm celebrity hairstylist, Darico Jackson, and today I'm going to show you how to style African-American hair. To style Sheray's hair today I'm going to give you her a nice quick pinup. It's something that you can do at home. We've already shampooed and flatironed so we're ready to go. Now all we need is a little product. I'm going to use the Velvet Gloss by Mazani. We've already blow dried and shampooed or I'm sorry we've already shampooed, blow dried and curled her hair and we just threw a few bumps in there just to give it a shape. When you're in a hurry, you don't want to take a lot of time so you don't need a lot of curl in there but just enough to help you along in your styling process. So you're going to take a little bit of the Velvet Gloss. Velvet Gloss is great for shine and control, maybe a dime size will do. You're going to rub it in your hands to stretch it out and then just kind of rub it through all of her hair. So for this look, I'm going to give her a deep side part. It's going to give you that whole nostalgic feel so that she can have a nice side swept bang and I know you probably never thought she would be doing this but you're going to take and make pin curls. So pin curls are real easy because if you already have a curl there, it's going to do it on its own. All you have to do is comb it together and take and put that curl into formation. It's going to give you that 1920s appeal, kind of like a flapper and then you want to just take your pin and you're going to take the tip of the curl, curl it back and then pin it. The idea is to hide the curl, I mean to hide the pin, I'm sorry. So the idea is to hide the pin in the curl because you don't want the pin to interfere with your design and you can take them however big you want or how small, it just depends on you and the style. I'm going to do hers all on one side so you can use any size and again real simple, pin curl. You just take and make a loop. And so you're using the curls to create your design. It's kind of nice. It's an idea that you can use. You don't necessarily have to do this style per say but you can use these pin curls to create a nice bun or chignon. This is a great styling idea if you have a wedding that you're going to. It looks great with a nice gown. See how that's coming together? Real simple, real simple idea made easy. On this one, I'm going to take the pin curl and I'm going to tuck it under. The thing about pin curls is that you don't necessarily have to show the loop from the side. You can always dip up under. It's a great way to tuck if you want to create a short look if you have longer hair and as you're going along, as you can see, you might have a few frizzies here. You might even be able to see the pin but you'll notice I took that piece to cover up that pin on the inside. You can use the hair that you have as you continue on to cover up some of the pins that might be showing in the beginning and the frizzy pieces and the little stray hairs, you can go back and redefine that once you're done. And I guess a nice tip would be to buy hairpins that are the color of your hair because then they're easier to camouflage. And remember it's your design. This is just a technique that you can use and you can use this technique to create lots of looks, not just this one. So I'm just finishing this up, it's real quick and simple. Here's the back and then now I'm going to take and do the last piece. We're almost done here and it's really up to you to decide on where that last curl will go. I think I'm going to put it right here to seal the deal and then after you get them all in, you want to go back and clean it up and redefine it. So once you have the style all in place, then you want to take a little product. I've got a little Velvet Gloss on my hand to smooth out all the frizzies and make it a little shinier. And then a nice finish is to get a nice shine spray to spray on it. And that's how you style African-American hair. I'm Darico Jackson. Thanks for watching.

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