How to Get Loose Spiral Curls Without a Curling Iron

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Just because you don't have a curling iron doesn't mean you can't get loose spiral curls. Get loose spiral curls without a curling iron with help from a celebrity hairstylist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Louis Santalices, celebrity hairstylist and today I'm going to show you how to do loose spiral curl without using a curling iron. So, what I want to show you today at home is how to get a loose spiral curl without using a curling iron and a great way to achieve that look is by sectioning the hair into four sections. One, two, three and four. And, what I want to do is start twisting the hair and placing the twists on top of the head, and the reason why you want to do this is that way you can create volume and also achieving curl up here as well as down here. Your hair, it's okay that it's damp or dry. So, if you get out of the shower, you towel dry your hair, you can go to sleep this way and wake up in the morning and you'll have this beautiful spirally curls to your hair. And to begin, we're going to need some products. I'm going to use Silky Curls by L'Oreal Paris and you don't need that much, just a little bit. And, I'm just going to place just a nice even amount all the way through. The gel is going to help us to hold and add memory to the spiral. So, you can achieve this look whether your hair is dry or if it's a little wet. You just get out of the shower and you towel dry your hair. So, it's important just to keep on twisting. Twist, twist, twist, twist. And, as you're twisting, you're going to put everything into a tight bun right on top of the head. And, the reason why you want to do it on top of the head is to get volume and maximize your curl as much as possible. Then, I'm just going to reinforce with a couple of bobby pins and just put as many as you need. Okay. And now, I'm going to continue working and I'm going to have, I should, when I'm done I'll have four sections into twisty buns. So, this is what you want to see. You want to see your hair divided into four sections. One, two, three, four. Again, you can either go to sleep like this, wake up in the morning, take it all out or, at least let it sit in for a good hour. Put on your makeup, get dressed. But, you want to let that sit in for a good hour at least. One more point that I want to make is that you want to make sure that your hair is completely dry before taking this out. So the hair is dry. It set in all night and we're going to go ahead and begin to take out the bobby pins. And, you're going to begin to see the effect that this has. Kind of just want to run your fingers through there. And, as you can see there is a real nice loose, beautiful, almost like a, like a beach texture to it. It's really natural, really beautiful. This a easy look that anybody can do at home and you can see that we have curl all along there. Really natural. And if you, if you have bangs and you don't want your bangs to curl you can go ahead and leave those out. And, as a quick tip, I like to finish off with a little bit of product just to kind of make sure that we have really nice defined spiral curls. And, you can just put a little bit. Run it through the ends. What I like to do is kind of take, take the product and kind of scrunch it and you'll get it like, nice piece-y action there. And you can see that there's a lot of shine, a lot of movement, to the hair. This a great look. It's not going to damage your hair and it's easy to do. A few twists and this is what you get. And, there we go. That's how to get loose spiral curls without using a curling iron. I'm Louis Santalices and thank you for watching.


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