Makeup Tricks for Small Eyes

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You can use makeup to carefully alter your natural features in nearly any way you'd like. Learn about makeup tricks for small eyes with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist. Today, I'm going to give you a few makeup tips for small eyes. So it's all about prepping the eye, curling the lashes. And getting length and volume with the proper mascara. So to get started I'm going to curl her lashes with the curler by Lancome. This is the critical step in opening up your yes and giving that bright eyed look. And what you do is you go in right at the base of the lash and you just gently push down for a couple of seconds and hold that. And then you scoot it out just, just a touch. And you repeat this again as you lift up and squeeze through the lashes. You want to make sure you've got not a bend but a proper curl happening with the lashes. And it really opens up the eye, gives a fresh beautiful look. And it really makes the eyes look larger. So now that her lashes are curled I'm going to apply mascara. This is both a volumizing and a lengthening formula. Those two combine will really help boost the lashes, call attention to them and open the eyes. You want to wiggle the wand right at the base of the lashes and up and out. And depending on how much drama you want to create in your lashes you can build the lashes with this mascara. So now the first layer of mascara gets the length and starts to build the volume at the base of the lashes. And then you can go in and you can build more volume and more length with the mascara as you do additional coats. Another thing I like to do if you have small eyes is a little trick, focus additional coats of mascara on the outer three quarter edge of the eye. That gives a great lift and an opening to the eye. It helps elongate the eye visually. Cause you really want to cause the eye to look longer and larger. And that will help do that. So notice how that last layer of mascara on the outer three quarter eye area really gives a flirty feel to the lashes now. It's elongated them and really opened up her eye and she's got a flirty look to her lashes now. So as you can see here this has really opened up Ingrid's eyes. It's given her the appearance of larger brighter eyes. So there you go, a few makeup tricks for small eyes. I'm Kendra Richards thanks for watching.


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