How to Fix an Out of Focus iPhone Camera

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Fixing an out of focus iPhone camera is something you can do by adjusting the settings of the "Camera" application itself. Fix an out of focus iPhone camera with help from an experienced Apple retail professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Skylar. Someone recently asked me how to fix an out of focus iPhone camera. It was kind of an interesting question. So I went online and I looked for other people who had had a similar problem and what they reported is that they could tap on the camera and I'll just open my camera so that you can see how one would focus in the first place. So here's my hand. And I just tap there in order to set the focus point. If I tap and hold like this then it locks the focus and exposure. So to go over that again it's tap to focus, tap and hold to lock the focus point in and exposure. So first of all, try it out. Now what they reported was that it wouldn't even focus then. And if you check the lens of your camera to make sure that there is nothing obstructing it, kind of leaves you to wonder what's going on. Funny solution seems to be flick it gently. Like that. Because it could be a mechanical issue. So the lens isn't actually able to move forward and backward in order to change the point of focus. So some people said that just flicking it actually fix the problem. Others said that a gentle tap would fix the problem. And others even reported that kind of whack it. If you go that far, I don't know if I'd start really hitting it hard on things. You could also try resetting the phone and you would do that by going to settings, general, at the very bottom reset and reset all settings. If that doesn't work, try to restore it. So I think you've got the three basic steps here. Four. Flick on it, tap it, reset it, restore it. If none of that works, it's probably a more complex problem than you can solve on your own and I recommend either going to an authorize service provider or the Apple store for a replacement. Thanks for watching. I'm Skylar.


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