How to Make Acorn Squash Wrapped in Foil

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Making an acorn squash wrapped in foil requires you to wrap that foil in a very specific way for the best possible results. Make acorn squash wrapped in foil with help from an experienced health professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, it's good to see you again I'm Dr. Zarif. I'm the founder of "the Rhythm Diet," acorn squash, ah, this is a clue that what we're going to do today is work with this beautiful specimen. What we're going to do is show you how to prepare acorn squash using foil. Okay, alright. Now you get your, your knife in very good there, nice and snug. You want to make sure you hold it down and you want to follow it through. Always have the blade facing down. It takes a lot of energy so a little muscle there. Okay, alright. Now what we do is we have a half. Lets work with this half it's a little cut half. We want to clean out the seeds. Just take a spoon, so what we do is we take it out just like that. You remove it as simple as that. Okay now some people use other oils but I use coconut oil because it can tolerate higher degrees, more heat without it turning or changing into trans fats which are very unhealthy for us, okay. So what we want to do after that what we do we put it on foil. Now we want to make this a little interesting right so what we do here we take some, you'll need a little, you can have almonds but I'm using walnuts, walnuts have Omega-3 fatty acids in them and as far as we know the walnut is the only nut with Omega-3 fatty acids. So we add that, do I have a few raisins in there just so you can have that sweet taste okay. After you do that we want to add a little bit of nutmeg. Then we add just a little bit of grade b maple syrup. After this we just wrap it up like that. Always start at an angle there, good. You place it in an oven, remember it's about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and you take it, you place it in the oven, maybe a pan here. The reason that you out it in the pan is because it may leak because of all the moisture. There's a lot of water in the squash so this foil will help to retain that moisture and it will be cooked actually by the steam or the moisture coming from the squash. After about 45 minutes you're going to be ready for the dish to come out looking like this. Now that's how you make acorn squash with delicious, delicious filling and in foil.


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