How to Do a Formal Ponytail With a Curling Iron

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Doing a formal ponytail with a curling iron is something you can do by wrapping your hair over a piece of elastic. Do a formal ponytail with a curling iron with help from a hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Danielle Valiente with Atmosphere Salon, and our topic is how to do a formal ponytail using a curling iron. Let's get started. I have placed a ponytail in my model's hair using the cheekbone as a guide for where I want the ponytail to sit. And then taking a piece of hair from underneath wrapped it around the elastic and pinned to hide the elastic. We're going to use a curling iron to make this pony tail a little bit more formal looking. So I'm taking little sections. I've already sprayed the hair with a thermal protecting spray and I am wrapping the hair around the iron to create some little curls in the hair. So I will take about maybe a quarter to half inch sections depending on how thick the hair is. If the hair is thicker take a smaller section. If the hair is thinner you can go ahead and take a bigger section. And just placing the curls in the hair. And you can alternate the direction of the curls and what would make you decide if you want to alternate them or curl them all in the same direction is if you alternate them you're going to get more of an organic kind of feel. Now that all of the hair has curled we're going to break up the curls just using our fingers. Take your fingers and just start splitting the curls apart with your fingers that just loosens it up. If you choose you can leave the curls more detailed. You don't have to break up all of them. You have that option. So rouging with my fingers that's going to give me a little bit of lift and volumize the ponytail without disrupting too much of the curls. And use your tease brush and your hair spray to smooth any flyaways that you have. And that is how to do a formal ponytail with a curling iron.


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