How to Design Knitted Sweaters

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Designing knitted sweaters is something you can do if you're trying to create a cardigan, pullover or some other article of clothing. Design knitted sweaters with help from an experienced knitter and designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Gina Hills and I'm here at Loops in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm going to talk to you about how to design knitted sweaters. There are several decisions that need to be made when you're talking about designing a sweater. First is, do you want a cardigan, a pullover, a dress, a skirt, whatever. Also, do you want, if you're making a sweater, do you want sleeveless, three-quarter, short sleeve, long sleeve, what type of sleeve do you want? Also, the season, do you want to make it a summer wear, or a spring wear, or a winter wear sweater. That will determine what materials you'll use, also the fit. The fit you have when you read patterns, these days you've got a plus ease, no ease and a negative ease. And what that means is, plus ease means that something fits loosely. They will talk to you about it being very plus ease or a no ease is going to be like a slim fitting t-shirt. Now, a negative ease is a tight fit. So, as a sweater that is actually made smaller than your dimensions and so, it'll fit tightly across your body. Now, when you're designing a sweater for yourself or your friends, be realistic about what your measurements are. A medium is not always a medium. What you need to do, is actually measure all your places, your, around your bust line, around your waist and your hips ad go write down the number. Ad that is what you need to go by, and rather than saying, yes, I'll make a medium. You need to actually go by your measurements or the person you're making it for, their measurements. Also, know what looks good on you, or on the person you're designing for. Are they tall, or are they short, slim or more full body, or full figured. So, know what you're trying to enhance and what you're trying to cover up for heaven's sake. So, keep those things in mind when you're designing sweaters. I designed this sweater after having walked into my favorite boutique and it cost 385 dollars. And I designed it and made a spring version for about 65. And then, when the winter came around, I made some small changes to this very pattern. I made it longer in the body, and I gave it a bell sleeve. And that is my winter tank on my sweater called three eighty five. Now, in this sweater, I wanted to have a pullover with three-quarter length sleeves. I made it in linen, I wanted to it to fit more like a tunic. So, in this case it was a plus ease in this piece. It hangs from my bust line, down, straight ad so, it just hugs around my hips, but is not tight. I gave it a funnel neck and that's how I designed that sweater. So, these are just a few tips on how to design your own knitted sweaters. Know what your fit is, what your true size is, be realistic and have fun.


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