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Many easy casserole recipes call for ground beef as a primary ingredient. Find out about easy casserole recipes that use ground beef with help from a culinary expert in this free video clip.

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Hi , I'm Ceci Carmichael with SwellFood.com, and I'm going to show you how to make a shepherd's pie, one of my favorite meals. I'm sweating out about a medium onion, it's about, probably about a half cup, to a cup of onion. And to that, I'm going to add diced carrots, nice, small dice, you want everything kind of the same size, so it all cooks at the same time. What I love about shepherd's pie, is that it has everything included, the meat, the vegetables, the potatoes, so you're good to go. So, I'm going to saute these. And then, I've got about a pound of ground sirloin, you want lean meat, you don't want a lot of fat in there. So, you're going to add that in there, and you want to brown that up, work it up, till it's incorporated. This is one of those meals, I think, you'd serve once every two weeks at my house, everybody loves it. It's got mashed potatoes, what's not to love. That's browning up nicely, I'm going to add about two teaspoons of rosemary, you can use dry, you can use fresh, I'm using dry right here. And add a little salt, a little pepper, and you want to preheat your oven to 375. Because once we get this all together, in it goes for 35 minutes, ah, that's looking good. Alrighty, to that, I'm going to add about a half a cup of red wine, and about a half a cup of chicken stock. Keeping stirring that, oh, that smells so good. And then, I'm going to take about two tablespoons of tomato paste, this is going to help thicken it, and the tomato flavor just really adds to this. And then, I'm going to add about a cup of frozen peas. Like I said, it's got all the vegetables in it, it's got the carrots, your peas, your potatoes. I always love meals that have all the food groups included at the same time. And you want to cook this up, until your sauce starts to thicken a little bit, your beef is nice and brown and then, we're going to put it in a casserole dish. Ah, we've got this right where we want it,the wine has reduced, we've got a nice sauce with the tomato paste there, hamburger's nice and brown. O.k., next step, we're going to take this over to our casserole dish, pretty colors. And now, for the fun part. Now, I've got about four, five cups of mashed potatoes, this is a great use for leftover mash potatoes. And we're basically going to make a crust with this, ah, ah, ah, that looks so good. Cover up all the meat, and here is the secret to perfect shepherd's pie, is you take a fork and you want to score it. And where all the scoring is, that is going to be crispy, potatoey and wonderful. It doesn't have to be beautiful, you just want to get as many raised areas as you can. All this here, is going to get crispy and wonderful. Now, this is going to go into a 375 degree oven for about 35 to 40 minutes. Ah, magic of television, I started this one a little bit earlier, that's what I'm talking about. Look at that, oh, how good does that look? Oh, and there you have it, shepherd's pie, check out all that crusty potato, I can't wait to dig into this. I'm Ceci Carmichael, see you next time, ah.


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