How to Press the Cuffs on a Man's Shirt

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When pressing the cuffs on a man's shirt, you're always going to want to watch out for a few important things. Press the cuffs on a man's shirt with help from a fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Katrina Zarate from Funsie Studios and I'm gonna be showing you how to properly iron the cuff of a men's dress shirt. So what you're gonna need is you're gonna need some starch, there's different types of starch, you can use the aerosol, I like to make my own with 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of corn starch. You're gonna also need an iron and a good ironing board. What you will do is lay the cuff flat with the front side of the cuff facing down because you're gonna iron the inside first. Make sure your iron is on its highest setting, you're gonna want that steam. Next take your spray starch and just spray with a moderate amount on that inside cuff. Once that's done you're gonna start from the middle and you're gonna work your way out with nice even strokes. So take your iron and just slowly work from the middle, if you have any buttons make sure you're not ironing over the button. By ironing from the middle you're going to prevent any wrinkles, if your shirt cuff has any ease, any excess, this will prevent any wrinkles from happening in the middle of the cuff. Next turn it over so that the front is now facing outward, again you're gonna use your starch, spray a moderate amount on the inside, take your iron, start from that middle and just press outward, again working your way around any buttons that you may have. When you're done you'll have a beautifully pressed shirt cuff, Thanks for watching, this is Katrina Zarate from Funsie Studios.


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