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Rolling sleeve cuffs outside is something you can do with either a men's or women's shirt. Find out how to roll sleeve cuffs outside with help from a fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, this is Katrina from Funsie Studio. And we're going to go over how to roll up a sleeve where the cuff is on the outside. So, this particular roll, you can do with a men's or women's shirt. Typically, you find it on men's shirts, but that doesn't prevent women from doing it as well. And it's also called a master roll, if you've been looking around for this particular style. The first thing you're going to do to start out with is you're going to unbutton or in my case, unsnap anything you may have around the cuff. Typically, cuff shirts do have buttons or snaps and you should have it loose like that. Go ahead and straighten this sleeve out so that you don't have any bunches or anything; otherwise the roll is going to be really bunchy and, and look a little messy. Take the end of the cuff and you're going to roll it up to just above the elbow. A good measurement for this so you know how far to go is that seam line at the bottom of the cuff, you can match it up to right where your elbow bends and that will give you a good measurement of how far to roll it. At this point, you're going to take the bottom of the sleeve where the fold is and you're going to fold that up one more time. And this fold is going to come up just a little bit above that seam line of the cuff, so you don't see the seam. Go ahead and straighten everything out, and that is the traditional way to do the master roll, so the cuff is on the outside. To do a variation on this, you can go ahead and roll down the cuff again and that gives you a little bit of a variation of a roll. And that way, it's also nice if you have shirts that have a different color on the inside and then you're going to see the inside and the outside color and it looks really nice. The nice thing about this roll too oppose to the other traditional rolls of sleeves is that it's also really easy to undo. So, instead of having to roll it down and plug it, tug it a lot, you can simply let it go, and you're back to square one. Thanks for watching, this is Katrina signing off from Funsie Studio.


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