Fun Exercises That Slim & Tone

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Exercises that slim and tone don't have to be a chore to do. Learn about fun exercises that you can do to both slim and tone with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Sway Fitt with with two ts. That's s w a y f i t t, and I'm here at The Sweat Shop in Loganville. Going to demonstrate some exercises that are fun and slim and trim. The first exercise I'm going to do are called allees. This is a good cardio motion and it also gives you a good lift in the tooch. So I like to do these in high repetitions, maybe fifty to a hundred repetitions. And good. The next exercise I'm going to do is called pick ups. This is good because it works your lower body, because you're in a squatting position. And what you want to do is you want to place some risers on the side of the step, jump over leaving one foot on the step and place it down. Remember, stay in a squatting position and try not to lean over. All right. And here we go. Awesome. That was fun. I'm going to slide these to the side, show you my next exercise which targets the core. Everyone wants a six pack and we want a strong core. So these are jump overs. Place your hands at the front of the step, feet together on one side and you're going to jump together on the other side with your feet together. And you want to do about twenty repetitions. Wow. I'm having fun, I don't know about you. Next exercise. This is called Spider Man, Spider Man walks. The key to this is to stay in a low plank, as low to the floor as you possibly can. Do not lift your lower body or your glutes above parallel. Stay nice and low. And you're going to walk with your feet on the outside of your arms, down, just like Spider Man walks up his wall. I had a great time, I hope you did and this concludes my segment on fun exercises that slim and tone.


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