The Best Weightlifting Exercises for Upper Arms

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The best weightlifting exercises for the upper arms all share a few important qualities. Learn about the best weightlifting exercises for upper arms with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sway Fitt with, that's Sway Fitt, and I'm here at the Sweatshop in Longanville, Georgia, and I'm going to be demonstrating some upper arm exercises for you. What I'm going to be doing is your biceps and your triceps. The first exercise I'm going to be doing is hammer curls and I'm going to run the rack with these. Running a rack is just going successfully up in weight, doing about the same repetitions and I'm going to keep my repetitions between 10 and 15. So you are starting palms together, keeping the elbows close and bringing the weight to your shoulders. Once I finish my repetitions, I'm going to move up to the next weight and do the exact same thing. Again I'm going up. You want to make sure you look up, keep your core tight and exhale on the exertion. Good. Now I'm going to work the back of my arms or the triceps. Again I'm going to start low and I'm going to move high, that's in my waist. Legs together, you're going to bend over, elbows up and you're going to keep your upper arm in this position here, just extending right at the elbow. Move up in weight, do the exact same thing. Now you want to squeeze during this motion and not swing the weights or use momentum. And I'm still progressing, going heavier and heavier. And that ladies and gentlemen is my upper arm exercises. Thank you.


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