Core Stabilization Exercises Without Equipment

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Core stabilization exercises don't necessarily involve a lot of expensive equipment. Learn about core stabilization exercises that you can do without equipment with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sway Fitt with, with two T's. It's s-w-a-y-f-i-t-t and I'm here at the SweatShop in Loganville. I'm going to demonstrate for you some core stability exercises that you can do with no equipment. I like to Pilates, these are great for core stabilization. The first move I'm going to do is called the hundreds. Why? Because you do a hundred of them. And what you're, I'm going to do a advanced version here with my feet off the ground. But, you can still with your heels on the ground. Arms fully extended, and what you want to do is pat your whole arms. Alright. This will activate your core muscles. You do not want to pitty pat. I see this a lot, where you're just moving your hands. You want to make sure you move your whole arms up and down. Alright. And here we go. Twenty. Thirty. And if this is too easy, you can extend your legs that way. The next exercise I'm going to do is a Roman twist. This is going to target the obliques or the sides, those love handles. You're going to start in the same position and here I'm going to do the modified version. Heels up, arms fully extended. Do not cut your range of motion short, fully extend your arms. Look forward, twist to one side touching the ground and twist to the other side touching the ground. You want to do about 20 of these. And the key here is to not shift your hips back and forth, let your upper body do the motion. Once you've completed your 25 reps, you can move into a isolation move which is a plank. All I'm going to do is hold this motion here. But, if you want a little more challenge, you can do a plank walk, where you actually hold that plank movement, keeping the core nice and tight, that's pulling your navel into your spine and walking over. So, you're almost in a push-up position. And I'm just going to start here, if you don't mind. In my plank position and I'm going to step out with my feet, crossover with my hands and continue to walk down. Once you completed your designated spot, you got to take it back to the other side. The same thing here. Thanks for joining me and that concludes our exercises on core stability with no equipment.


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