Bodybuilding Squats for the Lower Leg

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Bodybuilding squats for the lower leg are a lot easier to do than you probably think they are. Learn about bodybuilding squats for the lower leg with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Greeting everyone. This is Sway Fitt with; that's with two T's, s-w-a-y-f-i-t-t. And here I am with Ingrid who is my workout buddy and we're going to be demonstrating how to do barbell squats. First what she's going to do, positioning is very important. She's going to start shoulder width apart and she's going to do a standard squat. And I'm just going to stand behind her a little bit for some guidance. Good. And what you want to do is you want to go parallel to the ground and squeeze up through the heels. Do about three of those for me. That's one, two, good; good, good form. Now, I'm going to have her step out wide, step out wide for me. This is going to focus more on the inner thighs. Go ahead, and she's going to squeeze up; two. Give me one more of those, Ingrid. Alright, let's rack this for a second alright. Now, squats are good for good lower body development. That's going to work your gluts, your hamstrings and your quadriceps which are the front of your legs. Now, in bodybuilding, what we like to do, we call it, "Getting in the hole"; that is when you bring your gluts to your calves. So, basically you're going below parallel. Now, it's important that you work up to this. You have to have good core strength, so I would suggest starting out with a standard, like our first demonstration, before you drop down to the, "In the hole" squat. Okay, go ahead. And I'm just going to give her, right there, shoulder width. Alright, take it in the hole. That's perfect. And what, look how she looks up the whole time. Good. Keeping the core nice and tight, squeezing up through the heels. Good. Let's rack it. And this concludes our segment on how to do bodybuilding barbell squats.


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